Everyone uses their cell phones to communicate and texting is a major component of that communication. actuallyiWILL utilizes what is already there and familiar to try to connect and support someone who is struggling with alcohol or drugs and may not have received help otherwise.

– We take your privacy seriously and leave the decision of how much personal information you share, to you.   We will not share any information with anyone else. All communication between us will be treated as confidential and not used for any other purpose than to help support and guide you in overcoming your alcohol or drug problems.

– All communication between us will be held on devises which are all passcode locked.

– We do not take or require insurance or payment information as we are a free service. We do not require social security numbers, birthdates (accept to be over 18), addresses or any other personal information that you don’t want to share.

– We are not a medical or treatment facility and will not diagnose or need any information on your medical situation or past diagnosis. We act only in a purely supportive way.