Please be aware that actiallyiWILL.org is a new project and with all startups we will have our glitches and make our mistakes. What we promise is to always keep the focus on supporting the person who reaches out because of their alcohol or drug use. We will adapt and remedy, as best we can, any issues that arise.

Is there a cost?
No, there is no cost or fees to sign up and use actuallyiWILL.org. We are volunteering our time.

Does actuallyiWILL.org get compensated for talking with people?
No, we are not affiliated with any agency or compensated in any way for providing support to people with alcohol or drug issues.

What does actuallyiWILL.org do?
When you utilize our service we will be able to text back and forth about whatever issue or concern you have in regards to alcohol or drugs. We try to support anyone who is struggling with an alcohol or drug problem to help them move closer to sobriety.

Do I have to be sober or have a desire not to drink or drug to use your service?
No. Be who you are and where you are. actuallyiWILL.org was set up specifically to help those who are not in treatment yet.

What is your approach to addiction and recovery?
We will try to always keep an open mind and meet you where you are at in your thinking and perspective. We will support whatever view you have and make no judgments on it. If you believe addiction is a disease then we will support that, if you believe addiction is a choice then we will support that. No matter what you believe, you are the focus.

Do you provide counseling or treatment services? No, we do not offer treatment or counseling/therapy. It is not actuallyiWILL.org’s mission to replace treatment or counseling in any way. We are a supportive service only.

Can I use actuallyiWILL.org to replace treatment or group?  No. We will not interfere and can not replace any treatment program, recovery group or court demands. We are a supportive service only and cannot write reports or opinions on progress. Treatment is a necessary means to recovery and our goal is to support you until you can obtain the kind of alcohol or drug treatment you need.

Can someone without an alcohol or drug problem sign up for support?At this point we are keeping the focus and energy exclusively on those who have a substance abuse problem or someone who is dealing with someone who has a substance abuse problem.

Do you have to be an Ohio resident to utilize this service?
No. Our focus started with Ohio because of the heroin and opioid epidemic in mind.

Are you a referral service?
No, we are not a referral service and do not receive money or compensation from treatment programs. If you need help in your area try utilizing the 211 help line.

Can I quit your service or stop using at any point?
Yes. How much you text or when you start and stop is completely up to you. There is no ongoing contact or obligation.

Does anyone know I am using actuallyiWILL.org?
Only if you tell them. We keep your text and info confidential and will not share it with anyone.

I don’t know you, how can I trust what you tell me? What if you all are a bunch of quacks?
Honestly, we could be. We are human and fallible. We will do our best to utilize our own individual experiences to help and guide you. But remember, we are not here to tell you what to do. We are not trying to counsel or treat you in any way. We are here to support and listen.

Do I have to be over 18? Yes. You must be over 18 to utilize the service.


Please be aware that online communication is not secure and there is a risk that it could be intercepted in transmission, misdirected, or read by an unintended party.

actuallyiWILL.org cannot ensure the confidentiality of text/online communication. Online communication will be stored on smartphones or tablets. These devices are passcode-locked however, this DOES NOT guarantee confidentiality.

actuallyiWILL.org does not receive any compensation for the promotion or use of any app you are asked to use and is not affiliated in any way with the companies that produce these apps.
We also are not promoting any particular website or philosophy that we list on our app but feel it important to give a variety of choices.

By contacting us you hereby agree to engage in online communication with actuallyiWILL.org. I understand I can cease communication at any point and there is no obligation or ongoing contract.

actuallyiWILL.org cannot guarantee immediate response to your online communication and request that you do not use this method of communication if you are in crisis but call 911 or 211 (crisis hotline) for immediate assistance in your area.

actuallyiwill.org is not a 24 hour service and there will be down times where it may take several hours to respond to you online communication. Response times to your online communications will vary do to life obligations (ex. work, family, sleep) but will be addressed as soon as possible.

actuallyiWILL.org is for supportive purposes only and not to be used or replace therapy/counseling/treatment. Check with your primary care provider before making any treatment changes.

You must be 18 years or older to use the app.