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What is this?

In reality, most who abuse alcohol or drugs will not get or seek treatment through traditional means. This app is a way to get recovery information to them. This is not a replacement for treatment, but a way to engage with those who treatment can’t reach….

Why do this?

To take away obstacles to getting recovery help and give everyone the opportunity to receive treatment information.

Often, it may be difficult for you to connect to local alcohol and drug treatment resources. You may live in a rural location, have transportation issues, financial issues, or struggle to make time because of work and home demands. With this in mind, we wanted to make help more reachable. Through your smart phone, you can receive support and information on recovery when and how you need it most.

Some goals of this app ….

Give you some of the information, support and tools you would normally receive in treatment.
Connect you with an addictions counselor to help motivate and guide you.
Educate you on things to do when you first stop using.
Help you find motivation to quit using.
Identify and understand triggers.
Learn to cope with cravings and urges.
Expand your techniques to handle life challenges.
Explore and understand past motives for using.
Develop healthier behaviors without alcohol or drugs.
Learn techniques to avoid relapse.
Developing a life outside of addiction and recovery.



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