actuallyiWILL.org is a free online support service offered to anyone who is struggling with alcohol or drugs.

Seeing a need, actuallyiWILL.org was developed to assist in combating Ohio’s heroin and opioid problem. Offering free online help and support, the goal is to not only reach and help those who struggle with heroin and opioids in Ohio, but all alcohol or drug users who feel alone or lost and seek guidance on their road to recovery.

Often, it may be difficult for you to connect to local alcohol and drug treatment resources. You may live in a rural location, have transportation issues, financial issues, or struggle to make time because of work and home demands. With this in mind, actuallyiWILL.org wanted to make help more reachable.

Utilizing actuallyiWILL.org’s own app,  send and receive messages of support from an addiction recovery specialist

There is no cost or obligation to use. You can remain anonymous and all communication is kept confidential and private.

This is NOT treatment or a way to get a treatment bed. actuallyiWILL.org is NOT affiliated with AA, NA, or any treatment program or support group.

The goal is to support, encourage and motivate you while you find your way through addiction to sobriety.

The hope is that through the internet and the use of the smart phone you can find support when and how you need it most.

Think of it as like a mentor or coach. Through motivation, support, listening and education, I hope to empower you to make the next best step in managing alcohol or drugs in your life. – Tim


Who is actuallyiWILL.org for?

* If you do not want treatment.
* If you don’t know if you want treatment.
* If you are just starting to seek help for alcohol or drugs.
* If you are waiting to get into treatment.
* If you are in treatment and need extra support.
* If you have completed treatment and want to stay on track.
* If you have relapsed, afraid of relapsing or don’t want to relapse.
* If you are in recovery and want to continue some kind of support.
* If you are supporting someone with an alcohol or drug problem.

actuallyiWILL.org is for anyone, at any stage and for any reason, who wants help for their alcohol or drug addiction.

Help for your alcohol or drug use is only as far as your smartphone.Many want help for their alcohol or drug use but may be unable to get it because of the expense, accessibility, criteria or other issues that impede or prolong entering a counseling or treatment program. actuallyiWILL.org wants to support them during this period to keep  them engaged in the recovery processs.